Welcome to dream-emulator. This site is an interactive audio-visual experiment. It's an evolving work to try and find new fun ways of interacting with music and photography and seeing what sticks. If you like a picture you can double-tap one. It's anonymous, but helps me find new styles. Check back soon to find new feature or send me a DM on Instagram if you have any cool ideas. The music that is played is a live set from a few years ago. It was mixed at the opening of a Gallery in het Wilde Weten on the Fruinstraat in Rotterdam. I felt the mix of music and imagery went together well. The site is built using dockerized Wagtail and Nextjs. Wagtail is a great spin off from Django that focuses on images and allows for a versatile system of tags and posts. NextJs in combination with Framer motion is use on the frontend to make server side rendering and fluent animations possible. The idea is in future versions is to have different sets of images based on the tag system Wagtail offers and then combine the imagery with parts of the mixes based on the tags stacks you choose. For any questions on the tech stack or ideas don't hesitate to get in touch: s.hols@icloud.com